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Managing STRESS with Hypnotherapy
The Power of Hypnotherapy
Controlling PAIN with Hypnotherapy
Becoming SMOKE FREE with Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective self-healing art because of its linkage between all portions of your mind and the increasing pleasure experienced each time you enter into the hypnotic state.
The first time explorer into hypnotherapy can experience some anxiety; but, once the client discovers how pleasant being hypnotized is, things begin to move forward very quickly.
Generally, clinical studies show that using modern hypnotherapy may reduce your need for medication while improving your mental and physical condition.
Each session lasts about 90 minutes (more or less), and most people start to see results within 3 - 10 sessions. Children (aged 9 - 12) may respond after only one or two visits.
Weight CONTROL with Hypnotherapy
Performance Enhancement with Hypnotherapy
Enhance your monogamous Relationship with Hypnotherapy
Getting over a loss with Hypnotherapy
Business applications for Hypnotherapy
Assisting Care Givers with Hypnotherapy
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The Power ofHypnotherapy
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